3RDi Silicone Dab Mat/ 8″x 11″ / 4200 AD/Non Stick Surface/Smoking accessories

$20.00 $25.00

  • 💯% Food Grade Silicone Material
  • 🚫 Non-Stick Surface easily wipes away sticky resins with just water and a paper towel
  • 💥 Original Artwork from Artist / Owner 3RDi 💥
  • 🧠 Creatively designed for my 420/710 community 👁👁👁
  • 🔥 Heat Resistant 🔥


‼ Upgrade your dabbing experience! These Non-Stick dab mats are so convenient, you no longer have to worry about where to place your nail after taking a nice dab. Save yourself that headache cleaning up and just enjoy this wonderful plant the universe has provided us. 👁‍🗨 About the Artist: 3RDi has been a part of the 420 / 710 community since 2014. He started out live painting at underground warehouse events in Los Angeles and has since gained a following of creative smokers. Now after years of establishing a name for quality and creative artwork, we are able to offer a new breed of dabbing accessories focused on our lifestyle and 3RDi’s love of the imagination.


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