HENSITA 4 Cedar Bluebird Houses

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4 Hand crafted cedar bluebird houses. 1 1/2 inch entrance hole. Overall outer height: 13″. Overall outer width: 5 1/2″. Overall outer depth: 7 1/2″. Inner height: 10 1/2″. Inner width: 4 1/4″ Inner depth: 4 3/4″. Predator guards installed. Front panel flips up after easily backing out screw at bottom for easy clean out and maintenance. Inside front panel is slotted for easy exit. Half moon slots at top of each side panel for extra ventilation Drainage holes at each corner of bottom panel in case of any unexpected moisture and for extra ventilation. Glued and finished nailed for construction, Mounting screw and washer provided. I hand select the rough sawn weather resistant western red cedar for optimal quality, color, and natural beauty. Western red cedar is nature’s optimal weather resistant wood. It can vary in color from light to dark, I try to match colors for each house, most will be very consistent while some will have different beautiful color variations.


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