Toys for Bird Parakeet Toy Bird Perch Bird Cage Hammock Coconut Hideaway with Ladder Hanging Bell Swing Chewing Hanging Toy for Parakeet,Conure,Cockatiel,Love Birds,Parrots


About this item MULTI-FUNCTION BIRD TOY: The toys for bird include 8 pieces difference type bird entertaining toys to meet your bird various needs.Natural material toys and crisp bells sounds can attract the attention of pet birds,they are designed to let your bird’s feet have rest while also offer exercise opportunities for your birds to keep healthy and fit. Provides your little bird an ideal elevated place to standing,climbing, playing, chewing, resting,etc. It’s the perfect gift for your pet birds. 100% SAFETY: These interesting toys for bird are almost made of natural material,ensure the health and safety of your pet.They are completely handmade, more bite-resistant and durable.They can easily attract the attention of parrots in a short time.Climb and explore,satisfy their natural urge to chew and have a better time. BIRD TOYS FOR VARIOUS BIRDS:Provides pet birds a fun elevated place to meet the natural needs of birds;Make most birds exercise and strengthen their muscles,suitable for small parakeets,cockatiel,conures,macaws,parrots,love birds,Mynah,finches,pineapple and Other Small to Medium Birds. EASY TO INSTALL:An active hook on our bird cage toys will attaches to any bird cage simply.It can be easily installed in almost any cage and can provide hours of fun every day.Save space and decorate bird cages. GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied for any reason, just return for a refund of your purchase price; we promise 24 hours customer support, please feel free to contact us for any product&order problem.



lovyoCoCo Bird Toys is a must have for your pet birds!!Your Mr. or Mrs. Bird friend will truly appreciate these Bird Toys An endless source of fun,he or she will spend all day interacting with this product’s features. For releasing energy, relaxing, or satisfying the urge to chew and climb. Your Mr. or Mrs. Bird friend will love climbing all over the good bridge.will like to run back and forth across this Hammock!He even will sleeps on it.Maybe He or she is a big chewer, so he will chew on the wood and knots. ……They will use them all day every day!Package List *** 1 x Naturals Coconut Hideaway with Ladder Pet Products Naturals Coco Hideaway with Ladder Bird Toy is handmade from 100% natural, eco-friendly Hevea wood branches, coconut shell and natural sisal rope to encourage foot and beak exercise. It’s a rugged, rich, textured landscape that will engage birds for hours of play and mental stimulation.When the weather is getting cold, you can put some grass into the coconut nest, give your pets a warm winter.this coconut hideout also can be a good habitat for hamsters, rats, assquirrel or other small pets to poke around and find new places to hide.*** 2 x Bird Chewing ToysYour favorite birds will happily flap their wings when you hang the chew toys on their cages. The hanging toys provide a lot of good chewing time for Mr. or Mrs. Bird.*** 1 x hanging bellsAll birds like to make noise,This bell will provides audio entertainment for your parrots. *** 1 x Parrot Perch Stand ToyThe Parrot Perch Stand is made of natural wood, which is safe to chew, Metal screw on the top makes the bird perch easy to be hung in the cage and not easy to fall down, convenient for birds’ playing. *** 1 x Pet bird bell toy with Mirror*** 1 x Bird Cage Hammock Swing Bridge*** 1 x climbing rotating ladder with wooden beads


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