HENSITA Bug Zapper – Electronic Insect Killer- Insect Zapper – Mosquito Pest Lamp Bug Zapper Indoor- Fruit Fly Trap Indoor-Bugs Gnat Zapper With Blue Light Noiseless Plug-in Electric Trap 2 Packs

$20.00 $25.00

  • 🌷EFFECTIVE PROTECTION: This fly killer works more effective without noise to protect you and your family from all kind of annoying bugs, fruit flies and others. When they are attracted by fly trap’s rays, the high-voltage power grid of fruit fly traps indoor will kill those bugs by insect killer’s electric shock. The fruit fly trap can also be used as low consumption night light.
  • 🌷FULLY SAFE: The fly zapper electric indoor will dispel all chemical worries for you and your family. This fly repellent indoor electric zapper is the perfect chemical-free pest control alternative. Therefore, electric fly swatter does not interfere with or stimulate humans and pets.
  • 🌷EASY IN USE: All you have to do is plugging this electronic fly zapper’s power bug zapper into the wall socket and press the button of this fruit flies killer indoor to switch and then fly catcher will work effectively, brings the comfort for you even when sleeping. The fruit flies trap device is ready to go 365 days/year.
  • 🌷SANITARY: The best indoor fly killer built in imitate system to simulate body temperature to attract mosquitoes and almost irritating insects. Dead insects get collected at the bottom of fly killer light. You can clean killing fruit flies up easily with a small brush.
  • 🌷WIDE APPLICATION: The electric indoor insect killer is exceptionally safe and secure to use in every home area as well as hospitals, commercial spaces and workplace areas. Say goodbye to traditional anti-insect methods, this gnat killer for indoors will make a satisfaction with a suitable cost.


You are tired of having to get rid of harmful insects, mosquitoes or other annoying insects but you don’t want to use complicated traditional methods or chemical remedies that is harmful for you, your family as well as pets. This electronic bug zapper is created to meet all of your needs, helping you to take care of pests, protect your family safely and effectively.

With the updated version, the indoor fly killers for the home offers a safe solution to eliminate mosquitoes, moths, and other harmful insects at a much lower cost than other methods.

The gnats light killer is a potential product that can be widely applied to many locations such as home, closed car garage, office, kitchen, bedroom without making noise or affecting the quality of your sleep.

The package includes 2 packs, which increases the ability to cover spaces where you want to reject mosquitoes and pests.

The mechanism of action of the flying insect trap is extremely simple. Light moth zapper will attract nuisance insects, mosquitoes, bugs with light and eliminate them with high-voltage power grid. Electronic fruit fly killer has slight light which does not interfere with your sleep, and can even be used as an indoor night light at your home.

No chemical methods, The Electronic Bug Zapper brings a convenient solution for bugs, insects, fruit flies and many other annoying insects.

To be safe, do not play with the bugs trap indoor or touch the mosquito killer with wet hands.


Plug the bug zapper device into correct socket.

Turn on the switch on the side of the product and it will work immediately.

Clean the death insects from bottom collection tray every week to get better effectiveness.


Hp-805A parameters

Package: 2 packs

Color box size: 140*75*122mm

Weight per set: 170 g

Packing size: 58*39*26.5CM


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